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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 357 paltry super
“Never ever! Never!” Qin Shaoyang shook his head just like a rattle drum .
“Have Gongzi Hao emerge from 5th Heaven?” Lu Lili required .
Beep… Hao Ren’s cellular phone began to ring .
A green streak of solid wood-elemental aspect basis chance from Hao Ren’s feet, along with the robust piercing force of wooden-elemental aspect basis without delay disrupted the meridians in Qin Shaoyang’s upper body!
Even though they had been both at Zhen-stage, he was no fit for Hao Ren!
Soon after getting his independence, Qin Shaoyang made an effort to flee but was found singlehandedly by Lu Lili and have tossed within the two bracelets .
Two secs later, an earth-shaking appear originated from the floor just like a large crater erupted right into a modest slope .
Just one was in an awful situation although the other looked superb the result of the compet.i.tion looked totally obvious before it even commenced .
When he was contemplating, Hao Ren picture more than a dozens sword energies toward him .
Meanwhile, Hao Ren strengthened his legs and transported his techniques meticulously .
It dawned on Qin Shaoyang that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were definitely messing around with him and have been using him like a perform targeted for Hao Ren . Even so, he couldn’t try to escape from their website .
At the same time, Hao Ren’s sword energies had been already ahead of Qin Shaoyang . Cursing soundlessly, Qin Shaoyang needed to ignore the dozen approximately sword energies and leaped nearly hook his natal dharma jewel .
Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s dharma treasures altered in to a fight period that has been hovering on 2nd Heaven .
Hiss… The black color walls suddenly vanished, and the point no longer got any shielding handles . If Qin Shaoyang required a further move backward, he would slip on the heavens . Presently, he was thousands of meters in the soil!
Around this sliding speed, he would surely pass away if he dropped to the ground despite his Gen-stage farming sturdiness .
Hao Ren didn’t have to use his sword array formations . Along with the significant boxing methods, he forced Qin Shaoyang into submissions!
When he hesitated for 50 % another, Hao Ren’s lower leg which had been motivated by standard water-elemental characteristics heart and soul wept toward his arm .
Ranking on the top of the black color wall, Lu Lili snickered and thought to Lu Linlin, “Sibling, this inspector is amusing . A minute in the past, he was working similar to a huge bully, now he’s stressing about becoming outnumbered . “
“Hehe, he’s in existence, with his fantastic cultivation durability will gradually keep coming back . ” Lu Linlin flew to Hao Ren and waved the tiny gold weaving shuttle at him . “Reward…”
Hao Ren required a step forward abruptly .
With out dharma treasures, Hao Ren’s sword energies twirled around him, developing force of the wind and coming his clothing and head of hair .
Hiss… The black colored wall suddenly disappeared, and also the phase not anymore got any defensive covers . If Qin Shaoyang had one more phase backward, he would tumble over the atmosphere . Currently, he was hundreds and hundreds of meters coming from the soil!
At the same time, Hao Ren strengthened his hip and legs and shifted his measures meticulously .
Then, the Yang Bracelet that has been creating the very thin white colored queues shrunk yet again, transforming into quite a few compact white colored rounded systems that have been ample for any feet to part on .
A natural streak of timber-elemental character essence photo out of Hao Ren’s feet, and also the sturdy piercing drive of wooden-elemental the outdoors heart and soul promptly disrupted the meridians in Qin Shaoyang’s upper body!
Qin Shaoyang, who was tossed in, dropped in the system on his .
It dawned on Qin Shaoyang that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili ended up tinkering with him and were actually employing him like a training focus on for Hao Ren . Nonetheless, he couldn’t try to escape from their website .
Hao Ren didn’t have to use his sword range formations . Using the essential boxing procedures, he forced Qin Shaoyang into syndication!
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If Hao Ren was at Kun-degree, he could wipe out Qin Shaoyang with one particular strike!
However, Hao Ren enhanced his lower limbs and migrated his actions carefully .
Hao Ren was undoubtedly the biggest cultivator on Zhen-levels!

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